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Truly Brand Review

If you’re like me, then you are often swayed to buy beauty products just because of the packaging. Pretty packaging is definitely what enticed me to try Truly. I will admit Ulta offering me 5X bonus points on the brand also nudged me into trying Truly. I have tried several products in various beauty categories that work from head to toe. Today, I’m sharing the details of my experience, so you’ll know what is worth the coin and what to avoid. 

Acne Patches

Truly has three types of acne patches that are all absolutely adorable. The Hemp Acne Patches are formulated with hydrocolloid, hemp, and salicylic acid to reduce inflammation and speed up healing. The Scar Prevention Star Acne Patches are formulated with hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and glycolic acid to protect blemishes from bacteria and irritation. The Blemish Treatment Acne Patches are formulated with just hydrocolloid.

The positives about these patches are the stay on. I put them on bare skin as well as on skin after I’ve moisturized with creams and oils, and these patches do a decent job of staying on through the night. Although all of the patches did a decent job of reducing the pimple, the regular pink heart-shaped acne patches worked the best for me. It was the only patch that always reduced my pimple to nothing overnight. With the other patches, I would have to use the patches for a few days in a row before seeing results. Rating: Clearance Bound

Coco Rose Fudge Body Butter

The texture for the Coco Rose Fudge Body Butter is similar to the texture of the Unicorn Fruit Body Butter. Although, the texture of this one seemed a little more pliable to me than the Unicorn Fruit. The scent for this body butter is also more pronounced. Your nostrils will be hit with the scent of roses as soon as you open the jar just like with the Unicorn Fruit, but the scent with Coco Rose actually lasts while applying it and actually lingers for some time. Speaking of roses, if you don’t love the scent of a dozen roses, then please stay far away from this body butter. If you’re expecting anything coconut scent, then you will be beyond disappointed. Coconut oil is part of the formulation, but not part of the flavor. Rating: Clearance Bound

Hand Sanitizer Germ Killin’ Gel

Truly Hand Sanitizer Germ Killin' Gel

This popped up on the Ulta website during the Time of the ‘Rona. I decided to get it to keep in my car when I finished my current bottle. It didn’t hurt that I thought the bottle was really cute. What can I say, I’m often a sucker for packaging. Let’s just say, I wish there had been reviews before I purchased this because I would have saved my $6. There is nothing “gel” about this hand sanitizer. It is a liquid that you have to squeeze in order to get product out of the tiny nozzle. Then the product squirts out everywhere! Also, the top is like a pill bottle where you have to push the top in before twisting it. I don’t understand the reasoning behind such complicated packaging. This is a terrible product that seems like a cash grab from the company. Rating: Scam Alert

Hemp Oil Facial Serum

Truly Hemp Oil Facial Serum

I purchased this to be the morning serum to be the companion to the Purple Rain Glow Serum I used in the evening. I know hemp is supposed to reduce inflammation and calm redness, but I used it for the stated benefits of alleviating dry skin. Although I wouldn’t say this was a miracle, I think it did help keep my dryness at bay and give my skin a nice healthy glow. I wouldn’t put the Hemp Oil Serum high on my repurchase list, but I would put it in the rotation again. Rating: Clearance Bound

Purple Rain Glow Serum

Truly Purple Rain Glow Serum

I have been wanting to introduce a retinol into my skincare routine, and the rave reviews I saw for this serum made me take a leap. This has been one of my favorite Truly products I’ve tried so far. The serum is gentle enough that I am able to use it daily during my evening routine without any irritation or reaction, and one bottle lasts for 3 months. This touts itself as an affordable alternative to the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I haven’t tried the Sunday Riley, so I can’t say for sure if it’s a dupe, but I would recommend comparing the two to anyone looking for a dupe. My positive experience with this product makes me want to try a retinol with a little more bang, but I would most certainly repurchase this product. Rating: Haul It

Rainbows In Mirrors Split End Treatment Hair Mask 

Originally, I didn’t plan to purchase this mask because the only proper way to treat split ends is with a pair of scissors. However, I was swayed by the ingredients that made this mask look like a good nourishing mask. With ingredients like Avocado and Argan Oils, I was expecting a rich creamy mask that would envelope my strands in moisture. I also wanted to see how this worked after using the Star Fruit Hair Mask. Similar to my experience with the Star Fruit Hair Mask, the Rainbows Hair Mask was a major letdown.

The blue color was cute, but not the rainbow explosion I expected. The consistency was another watery concoction that did nothing for my hair. Like the Star Fruit Hair Mask, this works better as a pre-poo treatment than as a deep conditioning hair mask. There was also no discernable scent, which isn’t a deal breaker for me. I like a nice scent in my hair care products, but a lack of scent or a very light scent is not a negative for me. Rating: Scam Alert

Star Fruit Hydrate and Shine Hair Mask

After reading the ingredients (Shea and Cocoa Butters!!!!!!) and seeing the price ($5!!!!!), I had to try this hair mask ASAP!!!! The mask also touted Buddhas Hand Extract, which I was unfamiliar with. Searching on Google didn’t show me any benefits for the hair. Most of the information touted it lowering blood pressure and improving your immune system. I saw no specified benefits for the hair, which makes me feel like including Buddhas Hand Extract was kind of gimmicky. 

I have short, natural 4C hair, and I was able to get 3 uses out of this product. The first two times I used this mask as a deep conditioner. The third time, I used it as my pre-poo treatment. For me, it works best as a pre-poo treatment. The texture and consistency of this mask is slippery and thin, which was surprising since shea butter and cocoa butter are the first two ingredients. I was expecting something THICCC!!! Instead, I got something that reminded me of snot. I also didn’t like how my hair felt after using this mask. After using it, my hair felt stringy and like it lacked moisture. That isn’t the worst as long as I only use it as a pre-poo treatment since I will get another treatment when I deep condition my hair.

I also wasn’t a fan of the scent. It seemed like it was supposed to be somewhat tropical, but it smelled like something kind of rotten to me. I don’t know exactly what that was, but I didn’t like it. Luckily, the scent isn’t heavy, so it doesn’t linger. Rating: Scam Alert

Unicorn Fruit Body Butter 

The Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter smells like cotton candy in the jar, but the smell is subtle. The cotton candy smell doesn’t linger when you apply the body butter. In the jar the body butter has the texture of buttercream frosting. It goes on like an oil. For this a little definitely goes a long way. If you apply too much, then you may feel like a giant grease ball. I have dry skin, so my skin just drank it up. Plus, I love shining like a brand new penny. I would definitely buy this product again! Rating: Haul It

Have you tried any products from Truly yet?