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The Book Title Tag

Today’s post is The Book Title Tag, created by ReadingRealm, that I stumbled upon through Shannon at  It Starts at Midnight. Are you ready to learn more about me through random book titles? Then, let’s get this bookish fête started!

Book Title That’s the Story of Your Life

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: No matter the success I have been able to achieve, I constantly doubt myself. Everyday is a struggle to overcome the anxiety and depression of feeling like I am not good enough.

Book Title That Describes Your Perfect Weekend

Sunday Brunch: If the question is “Brunch?” my answer is always “Yes!” I brunch so hard that I literally have the T-shirt. So my best weekend would include a stack of pancakes, a side of bacon, and bottomless mimosas.

An Adventure You’d Like to Go On

Around the World in 80 Days: No matter if it’s on a boat, or on a train, or in a car, or on a plane, I want to see the entire world because that’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Book Title You Want to Name Your Child

The Violet Hour: My favorite color is purple, so I always wanted to have a daughter and name her Violet. Later, I fell in love with the name Lorelai thanks to my Gilmore Girls fandom. Which sounds better Violet Lorelai or Lorelai Violet?

Your Ideal Job

Design is a Job: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer because I loved styling and posing my Barbies. I also loved being crafty, so I also wanted to be an interior designer. And I fell in love with the architectural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, which made me want to pursue a career in architecture. I didn’t pursue any of these paths, but I think blogging has been a suitable substitute for the dreams and creativity of my inner child.

A Place You’d Like to Visit

Meet Me in Barcelona: Barcelona was on my travel bucket list before the word “bucket list” was part of pop culture vernacular. I’m ready to enjoy a nice glass of sangria on the beach while savoring the most amazingly authentic paella of my life.

Book Title of Your Love Life

Just the Two of Us: Although it’s technically the three of us since my beau came to our relationship with a cat, we know it’s going to be us together until the end of the line.

Questions You Ask Yourself

What Color is Your Parachute?: Sometimes I wonder what is the job I’m meant to have. My love for science and math steered me toward engineering, but I still have a passion for books and writing. Plus, I am absolutely obsessed all things beauty … So, what color is my parachute?

Book Title of a Kingdom You Want to Rule

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: I was a huge fan of Once Upon a Time and loved all the fairy tale characters and imagery. It would be amazing to be the queen of The Enchanted Forest, but I promise there will be no evil doings from me.

Book Title You’d Name Your Band

The Sapphire Rose: Our name would be The Sapphire Roses and be comprised of 9 women who were all born in September because … symbolism. I would be the lead singer who sometimes plays lead guitar, and I would be a diva because why not, this is my fantasy!

Book Title That Describes Where You Live

In the Lake of the Woods: I currently live in a city that has both “wood” and “lake” in the name. Instead of residing in a lakeside cabin. I live in a walk-up studio apartment within walking distance of a lake.