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What I Scored During the Sephora Spring Sale

Sephora’s Spring Sale is one of the few times where beauty lovers can get a discount. As a Rouge member, I got two whole weeks to shop and 20% off any and all purchases. After going H.A.M. at Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, I didn’t really need much of anything, but we beauty lovers know sales aren’t for needs. It’s all about what I want, baby!!! That’s why I mostly used this Sephora sale to get an extra discount on sale items I’ve been eying. So … enough rambling!! Let’s get on to all the goodies I got!!! Although, I am still waiting for a few items to arrive at the time of this publishing. 

BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser Solid Pro, Originally $45

BeautyBlender Cleanser Solid Pro

This is absolutely the only cleanser that gets my sponges squeaky clean, and I never want to be without it. I can use almost any other cleanser for my makeup brushes, but there is nothing else that gets all the makeup out of my sponges. I bought this to be ready and waiting in the stash because I’m almost finished with my current bar. It is definitely pricey at regular price, but if you can get it on sale, it is most certainly worth it!! It lasts a long time if you’re only using it for those hard to clean makeup tools. 

COVER FX Illuminating Setting Powder, Originally $35, On Sale for $24.50

CoverFX Illuminating Setting Powder

I almost missed out on this powder!!!! I planned to get it on the first day of the sale, but when I got to my shopping cart, it was already out of stock. Fortunately for me, luck was on my side during the sale, and it came back in stock. I was able to scoop it up with a quickness!!! This might be my best score during the Sephora Spring Sale!!!!

COVER FX Prime + Set Complexion Kit, Originally $25, On Sale for $17.50

CoverFX Prime and Set Kit

This was a last minute, but an absolutely perfect purchase because I want to do a one brand review for COVER FX. This kit gives me powder to set my concealer and a setting spray that isn’t the illuminating setting spray I didn’t like at all

Sol de Janeiro Glowmotions Glow Body Oil in Samba Sway, Originally $35, On Sale for $26

Sol de Janeiro Glowmotions Body Oil

I have the Sol de Janeiro Body Oil in Copacabana Bronze, and I couldn’t resist getting Samba Sway. It was already on sale, and I got an extra discount. When I first saw these in the store, I couldn’t decide between the two shades. I’m excited to give both of these a try and see which one glows best on my brown skin. I am just “patiently” waiting for warmer weather, so I can get my glow on!!!!!!

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask, Originally $48

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask

Like many skin enthusiasts, I’ve been wanting to try this sleep mask for the longest time. It is pricey, so I wanted to wait for a sale, but it always goes out of stock quickly because great minds think alike. This sale was no exception. However, just like the COVER FX Powder, this Youth to the People Sleep Mask came back just for me. I can’t wait to try this baby!!!!

What’s in your Sephora haul?