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Review Policy

Unless stated, items included in a review have been purchased by the reviewer, are from the reviewer’s personal collection, or were borrowed from the library in the case of books and films. Items provided to the reviewer for sponsored content will become part of the reviewer’s personal collection, unless specified in the Collaboration Agreement.

Book reviews include the book title, the author’s name, a summary, and a book rating. A nofollow link to the author’s website can also be included if requested in the Collaboration Agreement. Film reviews include a synopsis and a movie rating. Product reviews include the product name, a description, and a product rating. Reviews may also include affiliate links unless the item is included in sponsored content.

All reviews are published on and are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. They may also be shared on Pinterest. For book reviews, an excerpt is published on Goodreads with a direct link to the full review on this website.

Review Policy for Sponsored Content

At, we are open to review items (e.g. beauty products, books, films, events) through sponsored posts that are in context with the content published on the website and of are interested to our readers. However, unsolicited submissions of an item does not guarantee a review.

Unless specified in the Collaboration Agreement, reviews are posted one (1) month after reading the book, watching the film, attending the event, or testing the product for at least one (1) month. This ensures we can provide as much information as possible from our experience within the review. Although we do not guarantee a positive review, our reviews will always be honest and fair. All links included in the review will be labeled as nofollow links.

To submit a review request, please contact us or send us an email at

This policy was last updated on December 31, 2019.