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My First Ulta Points Haul of 2021

One of the best reasons to shop at Ulta is because of their amazing rewards program. Members earn points on every dollar. Thanks to bonus multipliers, there are more opportunities to earn even more points. All in all, it’s easy to earn lots of points, and those points translate to money off any and all Ulta purchases. Although you can redeem points at various values, the best bang for your buck is waiting until you have the maximum redemption of 2000 points, which gives you $125 off your purchase! What’s even better is waiting until Ulta provides a 20% off coupon that works on prestige products, so you can get higher priced items at an even steeper discount. Recently, I cashed in 2000 points, so today I’m sharing my first Ulta Points Haul of 2021!

Clinique All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage ($34)

I have bought this several times before, and I really, really, really like this roller. I tried venturing to the world of eye patches, I always feel like a terrible tree hugger when I toss those eye patches in the trash This eye roller is definitely more simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, and I will never let this go again … unless something better comes along.

Lancôme Visionnaire Eye Cream Advanced Multi-Correcting Eye Balm ($65)

I have been wanting to try this eye balm since my Beauty YouTube Fave Jackie Aina mentioned this as one of her favorite eye creams to use before putting on her makeup. However, that price had me like … Then it arrived, and I saw how tiny that box is, and I was like … Y’all! This balm better be amazing!

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate ($34 $24.50)

Although I have been eyeing this serum for a while, I only got it now because of the discount. I am looking forward to using it even more after trying a sample of it. 

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence ($23 $11.50)

Although I wasn’t as wowed by this essence as I thought I would be based on all the surrounding hype, I still enjoyed my previous experience. When Ulta’s Love Your Skin Event came around, I knew I would be purchasing this again because it’s hard to beat 50% off!

Hello, Freebies!

With my purchase, I also received some great gifts! Thanks to the Clinique products, I received a deluxe sample of the All About Clean Liquid Facial Soap (Free with $35 brand purchase), Clinique All About Eyes (Free with $50 brand purchase), and the Clinique My Happy Cookies & Kisses (Free with brand purchase). I also received the 7-Piece Foundation Sampler (Free with $25 makeup purchase), which surprised me because I didn’t consider anything on the list to be makeup. However, I never turn down a gift, and I appreciated this sample having different options. I chose the Deep sample pack. Ulta gave just a little bit more because I actually received a full size of their Serum Drop Foundation. Lastly, I received the Lancôme 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Jade Fever (Free with $40 brand purchase). 

Deal or Better Deal?

Since I didn’t use my usual method of redeeming points at Ulta, I wanted to see if I missed out on an even better deal with this redemption. With this haul, my total was ~$135, so I had to pay $10. If I would have hauled these using my usual method, my total would have been $124.80. I would have had to add something to reach the redemption threshold, but that still seems to be the better deal of the two. I am very surprised by those findings, but I still don’t feel bad about the haul. However, this is definitely something I will keep in mind during future hauls. 

What’s your best/favorite Ulta Points Haul?