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Live Blog: The Gilmore Girls Revival

Yeah, I know it’s been over 3 months since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered on Netflix to the delight of Gilmore Girls fans around the world. Since Gilmore Girls has been one of my boob tube faves since it was a little-known show on The WB, you would think I would have been the first in line to get a new bump of the fix I’ve been needing for years.

I didn’t jump in immediately because I was afraid the magic wouldn’t be the same, or it wouldn’t be enough for me after waiting so long. I soon realized my fears were for naught because Sherman-Palladino gang would never let me down! So … I’m finally watching the show and sharing my immediate reactions. Grab your pizza, ice cream, Red Vines, pie, Pop-Tarts, Chinese takeout, tacos, tater tots, and coffee (of course!)…and let’s get this party started. COPPER BOOM!


Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Winte Photo by Saeed Adyani
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Richard’s voice! How is it going to be without him and his wry humor? Oh Grandpa!

That first “La, la la…” makes my heart jump for joy.

Stars Hollow…It’s good to see you again old friend.

I love seeing Lorelai in her cute pink coat.

It’s been years y’all…Too many years!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and TACOS!!

Woah Miss Patty! There is definitely something different about you.


Lane looks like she hasn’t aged a day. Those are some spectacular genes.

Kirk looks quite becoming in the beard with a dash of salt, or I’m just really into beards.

Aww…Kirk is still hustling his way through life.

Hey Town Troubadour!

Ooh…the house is so festive!

Paul Anka is still alive!

Luke looks like such a dad.

I wonder if April will make an appearance.

Rory not labelling her boxes? Who is this creature I see before me?!

Paul?! Who the f*ck is Paul?!

Ugh…Paul looks like the nice jewish boy every mother wants her daughter to marry.

Paul is NOT a keeper.

Woah…Rory dated this bland, boring Paul for TWO YEARS!

Paul must be one of those people with perfect memory.

Hahahaha…of course Rory stress taps.


I’m upset that I didn’t get to see the Luke and Lorelai wedding.

First mention of Grandpa…the room has just become dustier.

Hahaha…of course Luke is anti-Instagram and Man Buns.

Should I be worried that Caesar is still working as a cook at the diner?

Caesar has a Jheri Curl?!

Luke has Wi-Fi?!

LOL…Luke definitely DOES NOT have Wi-Fi.

Haha…Luke is such a proud stepdad.

How is Rory dating Paul the “not a breakfast person” guy?

And they forgot about Paul again.

When will Paul grow a pair and drop Rory they way she needs to be dropped?

Oh good! She’s actually not the worst person in the world.


Michel is married?! Now that is definitely the wedding I want to see. I hope Celine Dion sang at the wedding.

Michel has also not aged a day.

I am definitely noting the increase in the number of POCs I’m seeing in the background.

I hate Lorelai walking into the kitchen and Sookie not being there to greet her.

That’s right Lorelai, NO ONE can replace the AMAZING Sookie St. James!!

From the stories I’ve heard, Kirk’s Ooo-ber basically sounds like a very plausible Uber ride.

Emily is still her old sassy self.

Haha…the picture of Richard is so on par.

So…Luke and Lorelai are not married yet. There is still hope I will get to see that wedding.

Why is it so dusty in this room?


I actually don’t like Jason’s beard game.

Of course Luke travels with a pocket-size screwdriver.

Lorelai should have told the story where Richard let her successfully escape having dinner with that boring actuary. I always loved that little exchange between the two of them.

Haha…cool story bro.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Emily that hurt before.

DAMN!! Emily just read Lorelai for filth. She said some truths, but those were some deep cuts and epic burns.

I love when Luke is awkward around Emily. Comedy Gold!

Poor Luke can’t ever say or do the right thing.

Kirk is such a big kid!

Go Petal!

Oooh…a mention of April! She isn’t the phantom child who went to New Mexico and was never heard from again.

Yay Paris! And she has her Bonnie hair.

Oh Paris, please don’t ever change.

No babies! I never saw Luke being a dad.

It’s Dr. Elizabeth Corday!

Who is Rory talking to? If she is in London with Logan, then I’m going to scream.


Are they back together? What happened to Paul?

When did they get back together? How do you come back from a rejected marriage proposal?

Ah…so Rory is doing the A-hole thing of cheating on her boyfriend.

My God…What have you become Lorelai Leigh Gilmore?!

LOL…Taylor’s rant helped Luke come around.

It’s Troubadour on Troubadour violence

Haha…Oh I love it, Doyle the screenwriter. Very clever Amy!

WHAT?! Paris and Doyle were MARRIED WITH KIDS?!!

I’m so glad Hep Alien is still around. Way to keep the dream alive!!

The band still sounds really good.

Emily Gilmore is wearing ripped jeans and a Candies t-shirt! HOLY SH!T INDEED!!

LOL…Lorelai is getting set up for the okey doke.

Luke…unlikely voice of reason.


Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Spring Photo by Saeed Adyani
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Seeing that lettering still makes me happy.


Lorelai’s dress is really cute.

I kind of miss the opening credits.

Haha…Emily’s crocodile tears.


Rory has been looking quite stylish.

Mrs. Kim is here!!!!

Rory is a global writing superstar, and I would expect nothing less.

OMG…IT’S MR. KIM!!!!!!!!!


I don’t like seeing Jackson without Sookie.

Cassie is not pleased.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday is annoying. Is she supposed to be the eccentric billionaire?

Rory is going to regret collaborating with this woman. I bet Sandee Says is looking pretty sweet right about now.

Brexit will never win, huh?! HA!


NO…Rory doesn’t want any assistance from you Mr. Huntzberger. You have already done plenty.

Logan’s engaged?!


Yay! A town meeting!


Yes Andrew, lending lawnmowers and gays are basically the same.

Oh Taylor…

I love an epic Michel meltdown.

Of course Liz and T.J. joined a vegetable cult.

Another Paul Anka dream! What does it mean this time?

Another awkward day at couples counseling.

Of course Emily has issues!!

Oh…what letter?

Elizabeth Corday is a trainwreck. Rory really has her work cut out for her.

Don’t you remember Rory? Logan has a fiancée.

LOL Not a birthday cake and some sausage links at the movies.

Ooooh…another a film by kirk.

Kirk is definitely going to get another Good Try Award with that cinematic attempt.

What does Emily want with Luke? Will she tell him it’s time to get married?

Rachael Ray is cool, but she’s still no Sookie.

Wow, Emily still has the same maid.

Luke’s starting an empire!

Chilton hasn’t changed a bit.

Paris still has the professors fleeing.

Headmaster Charleston is still around?!

Y’all got the therapist smoking again.

Emily Gilmore just said “booty buddies”.

Emily Gilmore knows about AirBNB!

Tristan shows up and takes Paris right back to the high school years.

Francie’s back too!! It’s a Chilton reunion!! And yes Francie, we all just stepped back into 2013.

Rory did look at home in front of the classroom shaping the young minds of the future.

I wish I would have heeded the same advice Rory and just gone out into the world.

Doyle’s here! And he looks like he’s been day drinking and not showering.

Paris and Doyle made cute kids.

Okay…the “Sandee Says” Chick is getting super creepy and annoying.

Looks like Rory is going through another existential crisis.

Ugh…I hate she has to use Mitchum as a connection, but hey, that’s how the game is played, right?

The first Mr. Cyrus Beene is alive and well!

Lorelai, ARE you and Luke happy?

That’s right Caesar! Demand your worth!

Uh oh…Lorelai is lying to Luke, and Luke is pretending she’s being truthful.

Rory’s life begins unraveling in 5,4,3…

Now it’s time to beg and grovel for something decent.

New York! New York!

OMG Lorelai is with her two tv daughters!!

Lorelai really knows how to work her magic and get the serious hookup.

Rory slept with a Wookie!! Rory, you slut! LOL

You still haven’t broken it off with Paul?!

Yeah Rory, work at the places that want you. Momma knows best.

It’s still an interview Rory. BE PREPARED!

Rory is getting shot in the foot for not taking something serious just because it’s not The New Yorker.

Welcome to the future of journalism Rory Gilmore! The Sandee Says and BuzzFeeds of the world are what’s in and here to stay!

Three cell phones is definitely overkill…unless you’re a drug dealer. Hey Rory, have you ever heard of Google voice?

A millennial moving back in with the parents…how cliché!


Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Summer Photo by Saeed Adyani
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

So…has Stars Hollow always had a pool or nah?

Lorelai looks totes adorbs y’all!

Zach is giving me serious DILF vibes.

Rory, you are totally back.

April’s back and sounding as annoying as ever.

OMG April is 22!!!!

April going to MIT makes sense, but she’s giving me more of a Berkley vibe.

April is definitely way too intense. Hopefully the weed mellows her out.

A joke book April, really?

Where was Luke when I was going to grad school? I definitely needed a generous benefactor.

Why is Rory being the other woman again?

I used to really admire Rory, but now she just seems so pathetic.

Is the Thirty-Something Gang the best or the worst?


Rory this is your calling!!

Run boys run!

Wow! Miss Patty looks like a whole new person!

Hey Claudia’s got some pipes!

Woah, the staff at The Gazette look like they’re going to join Bernie in Boca Raton soon.

Uh oh…Michel wants to talk.

The Secret Bar looks cool.

Oh no! Michel is leaving.

I wonder how many nights at the Secret Bar have been ruined by 5-0.

Michel leaving is the end of an institution.

Of course 3 months isn’t enough time because Michel is irreplaceable.


Ah…yes, of course the parents of the Thirty-Somethings put together their own club.

Someone definitely needs to check in on Grandma.

Well, we all know that nothing in a small town remains confidential.

YAY Gilmore Girls and Bunheads are meshing once again!

I hate musicals! I’m Lorelai is every musical-type situation.

Putin IS a menace.

Yeah Gypsy! How does Taylor know those names?!

Oh Sophie! Good try though, wink wink.

Good Lord! These DAR meetings are just as boring as I remember.

Grandma has a TV in the living room and a TV tray table!!


Now that I’m watching This is Us, I like Jess more now because I think of Jack, THE BEST DAD OF ALL TIME!

I hope Jess is back to knock some sense back into Rory like he did during the Yale hiatus.

Look at Jess…unlikely voice of reason.

A story about Rory and her mom would be amazing…maybe they should name it Gilmore Girls, wink wink.

Is Jack moving in on Emily?

0 to 100 real quick.

No, you and your partner definitely DO NOT talk Lorelai.

Ooooh…an epic Lorelai and Rory fight. As a wannabe writer, I am on Rory’s side.

Luke is always grump Lorelai. You should know that by now.

I’m sensing an epic Luke and Lorelai fight is on the way.

These people at the table are sipping all that Luke and Lorelai tea.

Lane is such a great friend.

Why is Rory needing Logan so much?! I hate seeing this Rory.

Lane…always the voice of reason.

Where is this existential crisis Lorelai coming from?

This episode has made me equally hate Rory and Lorelai for the way they treat people.


Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Fall Photo by Saeed Adyani
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

OMG I can’t believe she was really serious about doing this Wild thing.

I wonder if reading Wild will give me the Eat Pray Love feels because I hated that book.

Oh yeah, I freaking LOVE Snapped!

It’s so annoying when people want to do something extreme just because they just read it in a book or saw it in a movie.

And now you’re part of the Lemming Herd, Lorelai.

Oooh…another Parenthood cameo!!

Hey Rory, are you an editor or a janitor?

More Jess!

Things get eerily quiet when everyone has the Wi-Fi password.

Now Jess has become the sage one again.

What would Lorelai be without Luke?!

Really?! Not only do you have to do the Wild experience, but you also have to immerse yourself in the medium that “inspired” you on this dumb journey.

And there’s the Eat Pray Love reference

Now Lorelai’s going to seem crazy for leaving her “perfect” life to go on this dumb trip.

Oh…that’s where Rory gets her sense of knowing-it-all from.

Is Rory dreaming, hallucinating, or tripping on acid…or is this a prank?

OH! It’s the Life and Death Brigade!

These gentlemen and their antics never get old.

Write the book Rory!

Wow, you have some really connected friends, Rory Gilmore.

Here we go again!

I wonder if Rory is starting to regret not taking Logan’s proposal.

What a goodbye!

Another Parenthood cameo!!!!

Park Ranger…very likely voice of reason.

I didn’t know you needed a permit to go hiking.

Lorelai is never going to make this hike.

There’s a site Gilmore! How’s that hike for ya?!

That’s a really good story Lorelai. I’m glad you could tell it.

Aww Paul Anka…you are just so adorable.

I love you Luke Danes!

It’s about time y’all!!

Luke and Lorelai are getting MARRIED!!!!

Emily couldn’t wait to get rid of Jack.

Emily is looking so much better.

Grandpa’s desk is the perfect place to write your first book. He would be so proud.

Product placement!

Shouldn’t Petal be bigger by now?

Oh Michel, how will we get on without you?

Yay! The peace treaty!

Of course the book is named The Gilmore Girls. Called it!

Emily is DONE with this fake BS!

Oh snap! Emily just called them out!

I love that Emily keeps saying “bullshit”.

Oooh…I love this new Emily.

Luke knows Kiefer Sutherland?!

Aww…Paul Anka, you are just the cutest!


Are you having a crisis because of the book, Rory?

Wow, is Emily selling the house?

It’s the Circle of Liiiife!!! And it moves us ALLLL!!

Fancy champagne!!

It’s Dean! And he’s married again with FOUR kids?! Wow, life really comes at you fast!

Dean is giving me serious DILF vibe too.

It’s nice to see that Rory is on such good terms with her exes. Dan Savage would be proud.

SOOKIE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I’m tearing up right now!

Oh Sookie, I’ve missed you so.

The subtitles translating what Berta says is so freaking hilarious!

I love how Emily is starting her second chapter.

I’m glad Lorelai gave her blessing because she knows Rory is going to write an amazeballs book.

Jess is never going to be over that. Rory is the one who got away.

I am so happy to finally get to see the Luke and Lorelai I always wanted!

OMG! They are playing Luke and Lorelai’s song!!!! Why is it so dusty in here?!


Yes, you do suck Rory, but we still love you anyway.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! So…is Rory going to be Logan’s baby mama now?!

Overall Opinion

From what I’ve read and heard around the internets, I’m probably in the minority camp because I generally enjoyed the revival, even with the little bumps along the way. That could be because I didn’t binge watch it or because I waited until the hype died down somewhat before partaking. I liked ending on the cliffhanger. It’s sometimes annoying when shows try to wrap up the series with a bow because life doesn’t work that way. The show took a more realistic approach, and I appreciate it.

However, I am in the camp that hopes they just leave it be and not bring it back for Season 2, especially if they can’t bring back all the principal characters. I really missed seeing Sookie, and I don’t want another season with her in only one episode for 15 minutes. Plus, a lot of the actors are working on new projects. I’m excited to see them in those projects. We all love Gilmore Girls, but maybe it’s time for us to say goodbye and move on.