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10 Must-Follow Beauty YouTube Channels

Last updated: October 29, 2020

I have been a makeup and overall beauty lover for YEARS, but I only got into Beauty YouTube in the past few years. I wanted to improve my makeup techniques and indulge with beauty lovers who looked like me. Luckily for me, I was able to find some great content creators in the beauty space and a good number of Black YouTubers. Today, I am sharing some of the Best Beauty YouTube Channels to follow. These are the creators who always have me coming back for more because they always bring that must-watch content. Don’t worry … this is just the beginning because there are definitely more beauty YouTube channels that I absolutely love!

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley gives me face every time she uploads a video! She also takes some bomb pictures. I first fell in love with Alissa’s channel through her Mystery Makeup Monday series, but I keep coming back because she is always providing excellent makeup tips for us hooded-eyed beauties. Alissa is such an amazing artist!! If you haven’t subscribed to her channel yet, then what are you waiting for?! 

Andrea Renee

If you want to know what is hot and what is not when it comes to both prestige and drugstore makeup, then Andrea Renee is your girl! What I love about Andrea’s channel is she is always trying new products and giving us the deets, but she also revisits previous faves and gives us updates. In fact, watching Andrea’s channel inspired me to change my makeup routine. 

Andrea’s Everyday Makeup Stash is where she rotates products into her everyday routine and uses them for the month. Since then, I have done something similar. Andrea’s personality is bubbly, effervescent, and infectious! Subscribe to her channel so she can become one of new faves, too!

The Fancy Face

If you want to geek out about makeup with someone who also likes to spill the tea about the beauty community, then you need to subscribe to The Fancy Face. Tina is a self-proclaimed recovering makeup addict who is reclaiming the joy she once had for makeup through shopping her stash and spending more mindfully with the Shopping Block. She is also not afraid to tell it like she sees it in her Car Chats. Come for the swatches and hauls, stay for the patois that will inevitably come through when Tina gets crunk. 

Jackie Aina

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie … Jackie Aina was the first Beauty YouTube Channel I subscribed to when I got serious about stepping up my makeup game and wanted makeup tips from people who looked like me. Like many of the top Makeup Mavens of YouTube, Jackie Aina is not without controversy. She’s had “beef” with brands, fellow beauty gurus, and even drama channels, but I don’t concern myself with all of that stuff. I’m here for Jackie’s thoughts on the latest beauty releases and her makeup tips. She always comes correct with both. Plus, her videos are both entertaining and informative, which you don’t always get from Beauty YouTube. What I probably love most about Jackie is she is always celebrating black women and talking about diversity and inclusion within the beauty space. If you are looking for a beauty channel that always brings must-watch content, then stop sitting on the sidelines and join the Jackie Aina Family!

Jen Luv

If you are looking for one of the best Beauty YouTube Channels to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to the latest beauty products, then you should already be subscribed to Jen Luv. When Jen reviews a product, she will go through the ingredients, share background about the company, provide wear tests, and do swatch comparisons. Not only does her channel provide stellar reviews, she hosts a weekly chat and shares the latest beauty releases and news in What’s Up in Makeup. Jen is more concerned with providing viewers with the truth than with staying in any company’s good graces, and I love her for that. Jen Luv is also a go-to channel for deep dives into everything you need to know about certain products like foundation primers, lip balms, and natural deodorants.

Kinky Sweat

I found Kinky Sweat through The Fancy Face. Tina mentioned the channel more than once. Since I liked Tina’s channel, I decided to give Kinky Sweat a try, and I have been a fan ever since! I absolutely love Alicia’s passion for makeup, and that passion shows in every single video. Alicia is here for (almost) all things Natasha Denona, and she stans for just about everything Pat McGrath Labs releases. If you are looking for someone to give the lowdown on new makeup releases from affordable to luxury, then Alicia is a must-follow channel!! She is also another YouTuber who hosts weekly chats where she not only talks about beauty, but she also gives some insights from her life as a fitness professional. 

Lauren Mae Beauty

For those makeup enthusiasts who love all things beauty, but don’t want (or need) to buy the latest release to satiate their appetite for makeup, Lauren is here to entertain you! Lauren Mae Beauty is another YouTube Channel I discovered through recommendation from The Fancy Face. This is a great channel where you can explore makeup without being caught up with buying that new new. Lauren loves makeup. Her channel shows that love, and that is really what keeps me coming back for more content. As someone who is trying to tame my own makeup addiction, I love Lauren Mae Beauty because it allows me to enjoy makeup commentary, and I’ve learned that I really just love hearing people talk about makeup.

Nikki Beauty Bliss

Nikki Beauty Bliss is one of the smaller channels on the list, but the content is top notch. Nikki is consistent with uploading videos multiple times a week, and I am always excited to watch any of her videos. Similar to the aforementioned Lauren Mae Beauty, it is obvious that Nikki loves makeup and all things beauty in general. If you are not needing to know about all the latest makeup releases and tend to like brands that may not be big on YouTube, then Nikki Beauty Bliss is a YouTube Channel worth subscribing to. 

There are plenty of reviews on Nikki Beauty Bliss. However, viewers should never worry about tainted reviews, Nikki is never afraid to give her true feelings about a product. If you can’t get enough of Nikki’s bubbly personality, then she also has additional channels where she vlogs about her life and shares her experience as an online reseller.

Nyma Tang

What I love most about Nyma Tang is I see a lot of myself in her, which is why I am always coming back to her channel. Most of the popular Beauty YouTubers have some of the most over the top personalities. Nyma stands out from that crowd with her cool and soft demeanor. BUT! Don’t sleep on Nyma’s calm and collective exterior because she brings the diva out in her looks both on YouTube and Instagram. She does natural. She does glam. Nyma does it all!

Not only does Nyma give you the deets about the makeup and brands that are worth your coint, she lets you know if their shades have the range. If a brand doesn’t have anything for Nyma’s rich skin tone, then are they even worth your time? If you want to know specifically whether a foundation range is worth the praise or your consideration, check out Nyma’s series The Darkest Shade where she tries the darkest foundation shade available at the time from a brand. It will definitely show you how pathetic a LOT of brands are when it comes to shade choices.

Too Much Mouth

Ya girl with Too Much Mouth is everything I want in my Beauty YouTube Channels. She brings both the funny and the facts with every product review, and she is the go-to channel if you are always looking for a holy grail foundation. One of the best and most popular series on Too Much Mouth is the Foundation Hunt series where Shanygne searches for foundations for her brown, oily combination skin. In being a willing guinea pig, Shanygne may help you find your next great foundation. When you subscribe to Too Much Mouth, you also get the lowdown on potential dupes, so you can save some dough and buy more makeup. #URWelcome

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Update: This article was revised to reflect the name change of Jen Luvs Reviews to Jen Luv.