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Eat Pray Love Book Review

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert Book Cover

Eat Pray Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

Summary: In her early thirties, Elizabeth Gilbert had everything a modern American woman is supposed to want: husband, country home, successful career. Instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, Elizabeth Gilbert panic and confusion consume her life. liz Elizabeth seeks pleasure in Italy, devotion in India, and a balance between worldy enjoyment and divine transcendence on the Indonensian island of Bali.

The Neverending Story

I can’t believe I actually made it through this book! It took more time than usual to finish this book, and I didn’t think I would make it to the end. I am usually not a fan of non-fiction books, but I was hoping the traveling aspect of Eat Pray Love would help me prevail. However, that was far from the case. The book has 108 chapters split evenly among the 3 countries for a very specific (and purposeful) reason. I wholly appreciate the concept as a person who looks for purpose often.

Although most chapters are only a few pages, it was torture getting through this memoir. I read the e-book version, which I borrowed from my local library. I am usually able to finish the book within the 3-week loan period. However, I had to check this book out TWO MORE TIMES just to get through it. Even for a busy person like me, that is not a good sign.

No Sympathy for the Devil

I always thought I had empathy and sympathy for others, but reading this book has taught me those feelings are in limited supply. Having never been married, I have, of course, never been divorced. Thus, I can never relate to the pain and suffering Liz had to endure to leave her marriage. However, jumping head first into a serious relationship with someone when you’re not even close to signing those papers sounds like the most unhealthy thing a person can do. Liz, maybe your time would be better spent going to therapy? Girl, you need to figure out why you need to always be in relationships!

Every time I started to relate and empathize with Liz, she would once again become an annoying neurotic hot mess. In turn, I would become a side-eyeing hater who can’t stop hard sighing and rolling my eyes. There’s a reason all the countries Liz visits start with the letter “I.” The “I” in “TEAM” is in the a-hole and you can’t spell “team” without “me”. Le sigh, I know…I’m doing the most, but so is ya girl Liz.

Overall Opinion

I cannot believe Eat Pray Love was a best-seller and a top fave of Oprah. I didn’t feel moved by any of Liz’s mis-adventures. As someone with wanderlust, I had high hopes for this story. It took nearly 2 months to finish Eat Pray Love, even though this book is less than 500 pages. I am a slow reader because of my busy work schedule, but that’s still saying a lot. Rating: Burn It