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My 5 Dos and Don’ts of Buying Wigs Online

Over the past few years, I’ve been getting into wigs. I’ve worn them in the past here and there, but those were usually those basic synthetic wigs that you wear a few times then toss. What really got me interested in exploring wig life was Beauty YouTube Fave Jackie Aina who always came with some of the most fabulous wigs in every style, length, and even color. After standing on the sideline for too long, I am finally jumping into the wig game. After testing the waters of buying wigs online, I’m here to share the deets of what I’ve learned, so you can avoid the pitfalls that got me.

Don’t: Buy your wig on Amazon

Andrai Hair Synthetic Lace Front Wig
What is this? Just an Amazon find that wigfished me.

Repeat after me, “The wig will not look like the picture.” Say it one more time, “The wig will not look like the picture.” If you want to buy a quality wig that will both look good on your head and that will last for a few years, then do not (I repeat) DO NOT buy your wig on Amazon. My girl Nikki from Nikki Beauty Bliss has mentioned getting good wigs from Amazon, but I’ve had no such luck. I bet your experience will be more like mine and less like hers. The wigs I have purchased on Amazon looks nothing like the pictures. The only upside was they were always less than $100. Surprisingly enough, they are still in the collection because a somewhat decent synthetica can come through in a pinch.

Do: Buy your wig from a Black-Owned Business 

The quiet part of that suggestion is if you can find one. At the moment, I have yet to find a Black-Owned Business where I can find a wig let alone a wig that will slay all day. There are websites where I can purchase pieces to make a custom wig like XOXO Virgin Hair and Ivy League Tresses, but I’m not about that wig-making life, boo! I need a wig that’s already ready for my big-ass head. In that department, my search continues. If you know of any that fit the bill, please hit me up in the comments. 

Don’t: Buy your wig from a company advertising on Facebook

LuvMe Wigs Relaxed Beach Wave Side Part Frontal Lace Wig
The Beach Wave Frontal from LuvMe Wigs that catfished me. No matter what I did, my wig never looked this good. Now, it’s most likely chilling in a landfill.

No matter how cute the wig looks in that video you saw while scrolling through Facebook (or Twitter) or Instagram, it will not look that good when you open the box. Even if it does look good, it will be looking like a bird’s nest in less than a year. Believe me, I speak from experience. The company that catfished me was LuvMe Wigs. Whenever I logged into Facebook, I would see one beautiful wig installation after another. After so many scrolls, I decided to take a chance on the Relaxed Beach Wave Side Part Frontal. Unfortunately, it was in the trash within the first year I bought it. I should have known I was in for a rude awakening when it was less than $150.

Do: Choose human over synthetic

When you want to save your coins, it’s easy to choose that synthetica, but I’m here to tell you, my friend, to avoid it at all costs. First of all, the wig most likely won’t survive past wear #3, and what’s the point of spending all that time finding a cute wig that you won’t be able to floss that often? Secondly, you can actually find a decent human hair wig for a couple of Benjamins on a good sale. Above all else, your wig will look more like it’s growing out of your scalp if you go human. 

Candice Hair Synthetic Lace Front Wig
This beauty is a synthetic I found on Amazon that got me more excited than I should admit. My goodness was it an utter disappointment. I finally decided to leave the synthetics alone for good.

Don’t: Assume you will get the same quality wig as that influencer

A while back, I saw a beautiful wig on MonicaStyleMuse while scrolling through Instagram. In the comments, she tagged Divas Wigs. I immediately saved the website for future reference. When the wig I bought finally arrived, let’s just say my high hopes were quickly dashed. Of course, the wig I received looked nothing like the photo. The brush that came with it snapped in half after a couple of strokes through the hair. Plus, that bih was shedding worse than my cat. 

Those are just a few lessons I’ve learned so far on my wig journey. I look forward to hearing your lessons learned in the comments.