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Becoming Book Review

Becoming by Michelle Obama Book Cover

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Summary: Michelle Obama shares the experiences that shaped her world, from her childhood in the South Side of Chicago to her nearly decade residency at The White House as the first African American First Lady.

Forever My First Lady

To me, Michelle Obama will always be my favorite (and the best) First Lady, and I say that as someone who knows nothing about most of her predecessors and current successor. I say this unequivocally, and nothing that any dissenters might say will change my mind. And, I felt this way BEFORE I read Becoming. Reading Becoming just validated my opinion. There were so many times when I saw myself in Michelle. I saw what I could become if I fully embraced and cultivated my strengths.

Michelle Obama is the First Lady we never deserved, but I am grateful that I experienced her greatness during my lifetime. The are so many young girls and women who were touched by her optimism and encouragement, and I can’t wait to see the future leaders she has inspired. Everyone who reads Becoming will most certainly be inspired to reach their fullest potential and fulfilled all of their unrealized dreams.

She IS Me

While reading Becoming, there were so many instances where I saw myself in Michelle Obama. The smart brown girl who told adults she wanted to be a doctor when they asked. That was me. People telling Michelle she sounded like a white girl. Yep, I got that too. The high school guidance counselor doubting her talents and telling her she wasn’t “Princeton material.” I got that from my guidance counselor too, except in my case, he didn’t think I was good enough for Governor’s School (even though I was #1 in my class).

We both even had a life-changing experience in Africa, Michelle’s in Kenya and mine in Ghana. We also got ALL of the degrees, then realized we might want a different path. I’m inspired by Michelle’s ability to pivot, and I’m hoping to one day do the same. Reading Michelle’s story made me feel so connected and seen, and I couldn’t get enough of it! The only Michelle-ism that I don’t also have is her warm and winning personality and people skills. I am basically a robot who can sometimes pass the Turing test.

Overall Opinion

Becoming made me smile, made me laugh out loud, and brought me to tears. I enjoyed every bit of reading about Michelle Obama’s life through her own eyes and in her own words. I loved reading the stories of her formative years that helped her become a determined and successful working mom. She was the country’s first black First Lady, and I appreciated how she acknowledged the importance of the cross she had to bear while staying true to herself.

Everyone should give this book a read! The Stans will most certainly enjoy learning a bit more about our Queen, and the detractors may learn some things too. There are no bad things to say about this book. I unabashedly stan for Michelle Obama and Becoming. I loved the book from beginning to end, and I am sure you will love it too! Rating: Carpe Librum