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7 Reasons Barack Obama is America’s Greatest President

Barack Obama Official White House Portrait
Photo: Peter Souza

As the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama made history. With his election, he became the first President who was not an old white man. From the time he stepped into office as Leader of the Free World, Obama sought to unite the country and right the wrongs of the past. His administration helped legalize same sex marriage. He signed the landmark bill for the Affordable Care Act in his first two years in office, and the first bill Obama signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 that sought to end gender wage discrimination. When it was time to appoint new Supreme Court Justices, he chose two women: Sonia Sotomayer, one Rad American Woman, and Elena Kagan. It is possible to go on heaping praise upon Barack Obama. Instead I’m sharing 6 more reasons why he is America’s Greatest President.

1. Barack Obama hits nothing but net.

2. Obama got nothing but love for his #2. 

3. His casual drip shakes the table.

4. Barack Obama is a proud member of the Bodega Hive.

5. Obama has ninja-like reflexes.

6. Barack and Michell are the epitome of Black Love.

7. Like Trick Daddy, Obama love the kids.

There was no better showing of the greatness of Obama’s presidency and his legacy than the election of Donald “Just One Term in Office” Trump. White America’s backlash to the election (and re-election) of this country’s first Black President was fierce and allowed the disgusting underbelly of racism and white supremacy to resurface. Until another President who is not a cishet, old white man is elected, Barack Obama will continue to be America’s Greatest President. If he plays his cards right, Joe Biden might be a close second.

What are your favorite Barack Obama moments?