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So…you wanna meet the woman behind the curtain?! Hi! I’m Katisha, the nerd running the show! I’m a certified nerd who loves going on new adventures, Sephora, Ulta, Beyoncé, making homemade chocolate chip cookies, listening to podcasts on the daily, stopping to smell the sunflowers, and reading books of all shapes and sizes.

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As a longtime book nerd, I hate to see an amazing book spoiled by a lackluster movie. In 2016, I started writing online exclusively about books and the movies that ruin them. My previous blog, Reel Literature, allowed me to rant about Hollywood ruining all the books I enjoyed. However, as a Jack of All Trades (and a Master of None), I wanted to branch out and write about other topics I love like the films that haven’t been adapted from books and all things beauty related. With that stroke of genius, this premiere destination for all my nerdom was born.

As a someone who loves everything from literature to pop culture, I share not only insights on the great book I just finished, I also bring my hot takes on the latest films to hit the theater (or my Netflix queue). You can also read my thoughts on the TV shows I am currently streaming, and the current beauty products in my daily skincare and makeup routines.

This here site is for nerds who like to dabble are always welcome because, like me, you’re a bibliophile, a movie geek, and even a beauty junkie all rolled into one magical person. On the blog, I proudly let my nerd flags fly high. While some nerds geek out over one specific topic, my interests vary. I love everything from discussing the latest blockbuster hitting theaters to dissecting the classic literature from our high school reading lists.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know more about me and what you’ll find in the site! If you’re in need of a lot of humor with a little snark, then you have come to right place. You can also find me in these internet streets: tweet at me bro, be my pin pal, stalk me on the ‘Gram, or read more of my previously published bookish content on Book Riot.