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My 3 Beauty Resolutions for 2019

For 2019, all my Beauty Resolutions fall under “mindful beauty spending.” This year, I did a pretty good job of not succumbing to all the new shiny, pretty little things and not buying a bunch of unnecessary backups. I want to continue that progress in the new year. Below are my beauty-related goals for the year 2019.

Complete the Pan It Challenge

During the year, I will rotate between 3 eye palettes in the hopes of panning at least 1 of them. For me, 2019 will be about putting a dent in my collection of eye shadow palettes. For the Pan It Challenge, I am focusing my efforts on the Tarte Tartelette palette, the Urban Decay Naked palette, and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I will start with the Naked palette, use that palette for an entire month, then rotate to the Chocolate Bar palette and use that one for entire month.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Naked Palette

Avoid impulse shopping

This year should be a mostly makeup no buy for me. I’ll only need mascara later in the year when I run out. Skincare will be a low buy since I finally found a skincare routine that works, and I’ve only been buying when I get low. I went a little crazy with the mask buying. My plan is to not buy anything else in that department until I finish my current supply. I have to try not be swayed by all those cute sheet masks!! 

Participate weekly in the Sephora Beauty Insider Community (BIC)

I started being more active in the BIC during the last few months, and I want to keep being involved with my fellow beauty geeks. Hopefully, I can move up from Rookie status in 2019!

What are your 2019 Beauty Resolutions?